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Clikka Training Aid

  • Product Code:KD-Clik
  • Availability:2-3 Days
  • $22.95

  • For reward based training
  • Ideal for teaching basic commands, fun tricks, friendly behaviour and calm responses
  • Easy to use with large click button
  • Easy to hold with finger band and neck lanyard
  • Includes Mikki Training Advice written by Claire Arrowsmith Animal Arrowsmith.

The Mikki Clikka is a proven dog training clicker specially designed to provide your dog with a positive noise during training sessions.

When training your dog, they need to know when they are doing something right. The small plastic device will produce a clicking sound when the red button is pressed, allowing your dog to associate the clicking sound with a reward (dog treat) for their efforts. It can also be used in conjunction with the Best Selling Mikki Treat Bag, which is also available from Amazon (under ASIN B003ULW54A).

The Mikki Clikka was designed and tested by Claire Arrowsmith, a professional dog training consultant. The clicker can help to build a close bond between the owner and their dog. The clicker should only be used when your dog is exhibiting the behaviour that you desire, and the quicker the treat comes after the action, the more likely your dog is to associate the behaviour with the treat.

The Mikki Clikka has a neck lanyard so that the clicker can be easily slung around your neck during training sessions. On the underside of the Clikka there is a finger band, which helps to keep the clicker steady during sessions. Suitable for: Puppies over 8 weeks old and untrained adult, mature and re-homed dogs and any dog or animal which needs training.

  • Clikka Training Aid