CPCA Spring Seminar 2018

Host agency: Ontario Provincial Police

Attendees will receive 32 hours of continuing law enforcement k-9 education and training.

Skyline Horseshoe Resort will host the 2018 Canadian Police Canine Association (CPCA) Spring Seminar. Horseshoe Resort is a top Ontario ski resort offering four seasons of fun, conveniently located just an hour north of Toronto and 20 minutes from Barrie or Orillia. 

1101 Horseshoe Valley Road West, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4Y8
Main: 705-835-2790 Reservations: 1-800-461-5627
[email protected]

Rooms/Individual Reservations

Participants / attendees are responsible for making their own individual reservations by calling the Reservations Department at 1-800-461-5627. Callers must identify themselves as being with the CPCA SEMINAR group for ease of booking and to receive the quoted rates. Reservation requests must be made by Friday, May 18, 2018 in order to qualify for the group rate.

All reservations must be accompanied by a one nights’ room and tax deposit, in the form of a major credit card. Horseshoe Resort will not hold any rooms unless a deposit has been made at time of reservation.

$152.80 / night Special Room rates apply to:

  • Horseshoe King: 11 available - 2 people per room * 1 person would sleep on a pullout sofa   
  • Deluxe 2 Queens: 16 available - 2 people per room
  • Deluxe King: 16 available - 2 people per room  * 1 person would sleep on a pullout sofa
  • Loft suite 6 available: 2 people per room * 1 person would sleep on a pullout sofa
  • Horseshoe 2 Queens: 10 available - 2 people per room


$199.00 / night Special Room rates apply to:

  • Slope Side 2 Bedroom Condo: 27 available - 4 people per room
  • Valley view Queen 1 bedroom: 5 available - 2 people per room
  • Hillview 2 bedroom: 3 available - 3 per room
  • Deluxe 1 bedroom: 6 available - 3 per room


Golf (on-site)

The Horseshoe Valley Course is a unique 18-hole experience that spans through beautiful forestry and secluded scenery while engaging your strategy and skill. Narrow tree-lined fairways winding through a rolling, wooded landscape make this course an unforgettable golf experience for players of all skill levels. Just steps from the resort, the first hole is right at your doorstep. The Valley Course will help develop shot makers and allow veterans to perfect their precision.

Par 70 | 5,792 yards | 128 slope | Designed by Rene Muylaert 

Blue Jays Game (Tuesday June 19, 2018)

Blue Jays vs Atlanta Braves - Tuesday June 19th, 2018 

Coach bus to depart from Horseshoe Resort at 5 pm to Roger's Centre Toronto with dinner supplied on bus. 

Guest Speakers:

The Sirius Dog Sled Patrol (DanishSlædepatruljen Sirius), is an elite Danish naval unit that conducts long-range reconnaissance patrolling, and enforces Danish sovereignty in the Arctic wilderness of northern and eastern Greenland. Patrolling is usually done in pairs, sometimes for four months and often without additional human contact.

British Military K9 Handler that deployed to Middle East with his team.

CPCA 2018

2-day Training Classes

Developing K9 grip though effective use of training sleeve

Instruction will be focused on the enhancement of grip though progressive external sleeve use, methods to improve grip entry and endurance and training consideration when developing stable grip

Instructed by:  Tarheel K9, North Carolina, Jerry Bradshaw and Sean Siggins

Decoy Skill Development

The instruction will focus on basic decoy mechanics in order to help develop the dogs targeting ability in a manner that improves safety for both the dog and decoy

Instructed by: Franco Angelini - K9 Bite Dr

Visual and K9 Tracking Fusion for High Risk Tracking operations

This training will focus on the visual tracking skills and how they can be used to enhance and increase your overall manhunt efficiency

Instructed by Tactical Tracking Operations School, Peter Kerr

Tactical K9 Integration

This training will provide the k9 team opportunity to use K9 cameras for clearance as well as provide fundamental training and considerations for K9 employment with a Tactical team and High Risk environments

Instructed by Calgary Police Canine Unit and K9 Storm

Civil and Street Transition for the Working Dog

The training will expose the dogs to a variety of techniques that may be used to help you dog transition from training equipment to operational application. These will include civil work, table work.

Instruction by: Jim Hagerty and Ian Noble

Muzzle - Making Patrol Dogs More Reliable

Muzzle training for Police working dogs is a critical skill. It is essential that all K9 teams undertake transition training in muzzle to minimize equipment fixation. Muzzle training, neutrality and environmental stability are essential to develop reality-based training for the patrol dog. It is essential to paint a picture for the dog so that we can see how they will perform in real world operations.

Instructor: Ricky Farley is the owner of the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Centre (ACLEOTC), located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Hard Surface Tracking Imprint and Problem Solving - Scandinavian Working Dog Institute

This training track will provide an international approach to tracking. The training track will cover off tracking imprint theories and principles, the tracking approach in Scandinavia and problem solving.

Instructor: Tobias Gustavsson and Jens Frank are full time instructors at SWDI. In 2011, together they published the book “Tracking Dogs, Scents and Skills”. SDWI specializes in hard surface tracking in urban environments and has an extensive experience in developing tracking skills in dog teams on all levels.

Chicken Camp - Introduction to Operant Conditioning / Discrimination

This workshop will focus on selected principles of classical and operant conditioning. Working on timing, criteria and rate of reinforcement while shaping a simple behaviors.  Coaching skills, constructive critiquing, lateral thinking and problem solving skills will be practiced. The student's understanding of the concepts of applied behavior analysis will be developed. The student will practice mechanical skills with special attention to timing and eye-hand coordination.  Lessons include observing and recording behavior on a simple ethogram, systematic desensitization, capturing a behavior, shaping a behavior and the use of targets. Parallels will be drawn between chicken and dog training. No previous experience with chickens is required.

Instructor: Katherine Ferger is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy and was amongst the first five Canadian graduates of the course. Katherine also travelled to Sweden in 2010 and spent five weeks training with Bob Bailey in all levels of his "chicken camps".

Human Remains Detection

This training block will expose K9 teams to a variety of training aids and search applications. There will presentations by a variety of speakers including Lauryn Degreeff and Alison Simon of Naval Research Laboratories

Instruction will be coordinated by Cliff Samson

Explosive Detection

This training block will afford K9 teams the opportunity to train on real homemade explosives for imprinting and practical searches. There will be post blast searching exposure as well as presentations from Center of Forensic Science and Lauryn Degreeff and Alison Simon of naval Research laboratories

Instruction will be coordinated by Bradley Gillespie