Shipping Info

Items will be shipped with UPS or Canada Post. You have the option of selecting "First Class" shipping rates which will "Expedite" your shipment or you may choose "Second Class" shipping rates which will ship normal cargo.
"Second Class" guarantees that shipments will be received within 5 business days within continental North America. We are located in Eastern/Central Canada and thus shipments to the eastern North America arrive within 2 to 5 day period.
If you have a short timeline and require an Expedited shipping preference please select "First Class" option and advise us and we will be more than happy to accomodate your request.
The "Local Pick up" option is reserved for situations where the customer will make arrangements to pick up their order at our location at a pre-determined time and date.
There may be occassions when we reserve the right to hold or cancel a customer's order due to unreasonable or un-forseen shipping costs. These instances occur when the weight/dimension of and/or the destination of the shipment combine to create an exorbinant potential shipping cost. We will work with the customer to find a reasonable resolution if this issue arises as additional charges MAY be necessary. 
If next day delivery is required, telephone us at 866.766.2626, BEFORE placing your order, as additional charges MAY be necessary. Shipping costs are calculated by product weight or combination of product weights and the destination.