Schutzhund With Gottfried Dildei - Advanced Set

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by Canine Training Systems.

The ideal continuation to the Dildei system in one set! A DVD for each phase to get you one your way to understanding Gottfried's more advanced motivational techniques for the sport of Schutzhund. The logical next step in the Dildei system to get you and your training partner on the podium!

Video 1 - Advanced Obedience with Gottfried Dildei

Demonstrates the Dildei method for teaching all of the advanced exercises in Schutzhund obedience: the recall and finish, stand in motion, retrieves, and send away. Advanced Obedience includes the jump, wall, retrieve and send away and is an excellent complement to the Plumb Obedience series (contains exercises not in Plumb 1 or 2 Obedience tapes).

73 minutes.

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Video 2 - Problem Solving in Protection with Gottfried Dildei
If control has been a problem, this video is for you. Emphasis is given to control work on the protection field, with exercises such as the out, call back, escape, transport and escort. Although most of these exercises are taught inducively, Gottfried demonstrates how correction is used to polish the dog. Completes control work for Schutzhund 2 and 3.
86 minutes.

Video 3 - Problem Solving in Tracking with Gottfried Dildei

Gottfried problem-solves issues such as the start, articles, and speed, as they relate to his motivational tracking techniques. Strong emphasis is placed on weaning from bait while maintaining correct style, speed and accuracy. Problem Solving in Tracking introduces correction on the track, proper track construction, the issues of dealing with bad starts, corners and articles.

71 minutes.

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  • Schutzhund With Gottfried Dildei - Advanced Set

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