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Pet Cot / Place-Board

  • Brand:Textilene
  • Product Code:4L4P-COT
  • Availability:2-3 Days
  • $99.95

4 Legs 4 Pets - pet cots are for INDOOR & OUTDOOR - great for home, camping trips, travel, place-board training & more! LIGHT-WEIGHT & EASY to assemble & disassemble - NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Replacement parts are also available. Our cots ship UNASSEMBLED.

The cot cover material is made from Textilene, which is a non-porous, open weave vinyl-coated polyester yarn; mildew resistant and very durable. Unlike canvas, our Texron® cover is non-porous so it will not absorb moisture and it's mildew resistant.  It's very durable and can take abuse in direct sunlight, therefore, it will last years without fading. The rails (poles) are powder-coated, which is a dry paint application process that is substantially thicker, more durable coated compared to wet paint and the legs are heavy-duty polypropylene plastic, making the cots suited for outdoors as well as indoors.

Fabric / leg color: Black, slate grey or Tan/sand

Available in 3 sizes:

Medium Rectangle:

  • 40"x22"x5", 6 lbs.
  • Ideal size for medium to large sized dogs

Large Rectangle:

  • 40"x30"x5", 7 lbs.
  • Ideal for large sized dogs

Medium Square:

  • 30"x30"x5", 6 lbs
  • Ideal for medium to large sized dogs


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