MCRS® Starter Kit

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MCRS® Starter Kit consists of 2 MCRS® magnets in combination with the original MCRS® Ball (Small) or MCRS® Tug. This basic kit can be used on all kind of clothing, as long they are hidden behind an outer layer (the MCRS® magnets can be attached, for example to your t-shirt, the t-shirt is covered by a sweater, vest or jacket).

The magnets are invisible at the outside and the MCRS® ball or MCRS® tug will even stick on a very thick winter jacket.

The kit can also be used to train the revier by sticking the MCRS® ball inside the blinds, or to teach the send away, etc. 


1 - 6 cm premium ball and 2 magnets 

1 - 3 x 10 inch Bite roll and 2 magnets 


  • MCRS® Starter Kit

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