Imitation Rubber Leg

  • Brand: ArminLeggin
  • Product Code: KT-02
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $399.95

ArminLeggin™ Imitation Rubber Leg (ambidextrous) w/ handle. Imported from the USA. 

This solid rubber leg allows for a more realistic approach when training potentially aggressive animals. It is not a toy and should only be used to create realism by professional trainers. Handmade and comes in a “flesh tone”. The imitation leg starts from just above the knee area down to the foot. All items have a special purpose and are handmade. 

The weight and length may vary slightly in manufacturing, but averages 10 lbs. and 24 inches in overall length.  Does not include shoe. The leg is somewhat  flexible and has a slight seam from the mold on both sides of the leg.

ArminLeggan™ rubber appendages are for proofing and should be used after a basic foundation has been established through progressive conditioning.  (For example, if the dog does not bite the leg properly on a bite suit, he will not likely bite the ArminLeggan™ leg appendage.)  The mechanics and foundational conditioning of the bite, hold and release on standard sleeves and bite suits must already be established. ArminLeggan™ rubber appendages will not guarantee any degree of performance by a canine. It is one of many methods and pieces of training equipment that may be utilized to condition the canine’s performance.