Imitation Rubber Arm G2 with Velcro Straps

  • Brand: ArminLeggin
  • Product Code: KT-03-R/L
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  • $309.95

ArminLeggan™ G2 is the newest addition to the ArminLeggan(tm) series. The appendage comes with adjustable velcro straps allowing the decoy to strap the rubber appendage on a bare arm, gauntlet or hidden sleeve. This gives the dog one of the most realistic training experiences when training controlled aggression exercises. This solid rubber arm allows for a more realistic approach to training potentially aggressive animals. This item is not a toy. The limb is slightly flexible and should be utilized by a professional trainer in a realistic setting. Imitation rubber arm is handmade and comes in a “flesh tone”. The weight and length may vary slightly in manufacturing, but averages 5 lbs. and 22 inches in overall length.

TRAINING:   ArminLeggan™ rubber appendages are for proofing and should be used after a basic foundation has been established through progressive conditioning.  (For example, if the dog does not bite the leg properly on a bite suit, he will not likely bite the ArminLeggan™ leg appendage.)  The mechanics and foundational conditioning of the bite, hold and release on standard sleeves and bite suits must already be established. ArminLeggan™ rubber appendages will not guarantee any degree of performance by a canine. It is one of many methods and pieces of training equipment that may be utilized to condition the canine’s performance.


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