Run-Block Ground Anchor

  • Brand: Herm Sprenger
  • Product Code: HS-GA
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  • $129.95

Herm Sprenger Run-Block Stainless Steel Ground Anchor

The Herm Sprenger Run-Block provides dog clubs, trainers and private owners a safe and secure outdoor anchoring point to temporarily tether a dog while allowing a 360° mobility in the radius of the length of the lead.

The ground anchor can be adapted to most natural ground conditions and is pressed into place using either bodyweight or a suitable hammer. In addition to the main 40cm ground spike there are 3 additional shorter spikes to improve both stability and security of the Run-Block. Using multiple anchors assists in maintaining stability and keeps the anchor point firmly in the ground under high strain. All components of the Herm Sprenger Run-Block are made from solid stainless steel for outstanding longevity.

The stainless steel aerial run is a temporary securing point and your dog should be attended regularly. Please ensure your dog has access to water and cover or shade.