Redline Mini Blinds

  • Brand: RedLine
  • Product Code: RL-MINI
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $99.00

The RedLine K9 mini schutzhund blinds are highly portable and fabricated from high stress aluminum with heavy duty 19oz PVC vinyl covers. The sturdy aluminum poles have a solid aluminum spikes and large anchoring steps attached to each pole to push the feet securely into the ground.

These are professional mini blinds. They are approximately 4 feet tall, extremely weather resistant and durable. Perfect for practicing the schutzhund blind search exercise.

Available in green, red or yellow.


1 Mini Blind - $99.00

2 Mini Blinds - $185.00

3 Mini Blinds - $270.00

4 Mini Blinds - $355.00

5 Mini Blinds - $435.00

6 Mini Blinds - $525.00

*Shipping is included in the price of the blinds, for continental USA and Canada (excluding Alaska, NWT and the Yukon).

**Rates outside of these areas will be calculated on a per order basis.