K-9 BSD-3 Device only

  • Brand: K-9 BSDĀ®
  • Product Code: EL-BSD-3-DV
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K-9 BSD-3 Behavior Shaping Device

Trains passive alert quickly and accurately by allowing trainer instant timing of active reward direct from target odor source. Delivers a variety of rewards (i.e. tugs, balls, kongs, towels). Fits in standard 12 inch boxes.



Manually compress piston

Insert reward item

Release w/ hand-held transmitter

Device is preset to eject large Kong 12 inches, can also be adjusted for use with a variety of rewards. To include rubber ball, tennis ball, or towel.

Can be activated 50 to 70 times between charges. 

Device is intended to be used with adapter plate for odor presentation directly above and around reward item.

NOTE: The power of the K-9 BSD is the ability to instantly divorce the handler from an active reward. This equals true prey to the dog while at the same time allowing the trainer control of the reinforcement to shape the desired behavior. The dog also self-discovers that the action is at the odor source. The K-9 BSD trains passive alerts quickly and accurately by allowing the trainer instant timing of the active reward directly from the target odor source. The initial and maintenance training can take place in real work settings, creating behavior generalization and efficiency in training. The initial odor and hunt behavior cue is trained with the odor imprinting ball. It is recommended that a variety of rewards, such as a towel, tennis ball, Kong or rubber ball, be used once the dog is ready for alert training.