Civil Suit - Julius K-9

  • Brand: Julius K9
  • Product Code: JU-CIV
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  • $1,995.95

This super light, hidden protective clothing is essential for service dog training, designed especially for imitating real actions. It has special puncture-resistant built-in strips under a 2 mm thick nylon cover.

Puncture-resistant inner liner made of Dynema and/or Kevlar.

The arms, chest, and legs of the trousers are adjustable with velcro straps. With closing the straps you also close the protective panels inside, so they give a perfect invisible protection. Arms are removable easily with a plain pull of a string. To hide your protection it’s practical to wear a light military coat or any types of cotton clothing, without pockets and buckles.


Materials used in sequence from the outside to the inside:

  • Special material (white) 
  • Kevlar® or Dynema material
  • PP protective plate
  • Pressure disperser padding
  • Replacement arms available

14ZHJ - jacket only - $999.95

14ZHH - trousers only - $999.95


Purchase in combination and save $100.00


Size chart: This is a custom fit suit and thus measurements will be specific to the decoy. This equipment item is not stocked and will be a special order. Expect a minimum of 8 weeks to arrive.


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